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Why Inservice?

Meets Your Needs

Simplify Your Process: Break down the process of event enrollment, form submission, and administrative approval into a simple step-by-step sequence that can be customized to match district policies.

Improve Professional Development: Schedule district-wide events to compile a catalog of rich professional development for staff to participate in.

Manage Your Budget: View and approve funding and leave requests.

Why Inservice?
Why Inservice?
Cut Costs

Faster Training: Teachers and administrators learn our system quickly through the intuitive user interface. Typical users (those with a non-technical background) learn our system in 20 minutes.

Non-Paper Based: Our web-based system ensures that staff-development processes scattered in paper files throughout multiple offices are now streamlined and automated.

Administrator Efficiency: Reduced paperwork means increased efficiency. Users have access to a fully integrated event management system that automates the scheduling, reservation, and enrollment of staff-development activities.

Access Information Anywhere

Progress Tracking: Ensure teachers are aware of personal progress and professional obligations through a personalized development plan. Each teacher manages their own personal goals while staying aware of required events, through a single integrated site.

Anywhere/Anytime Access: With Inservice’s web-based functionality, administrators and teachers always have access to current information.

Document Access: Post and update district certification documents to your site and allow teachers download ability.

Request Awareness: Encourage teachers to stay informed about the approval status of their requests.

Why Inservice?
Why Inservice?
Get Started Quickly

Intuitive Interface: Designed with the non-technical user in mind, completing tasks with Inservice is a snap. A point and click interface and an intuitive control system provide absolute control over an array of powerful features.

Streamlined Processes: Every aspect of staff development event planning is streamlined from event enrollment to request approval, so educators can accomplish tasks easily and efficiently.

System Familiarity: With state certification information built into the system and the ability to customize site content to match local staff development standards, users adapt easily to Inservice.

Maintain Security

Target Your Audience: Isolate information based on the audience it is intended for by controlling which users have access to what information.

Maintain Control: Ensure that specific information isn’t changed without proper approval. Ensure that certain users can only perform designated tasks, or are only allowed access to specific pieces of data.

Organize User System: Organize user information and account data. Create custom user groups and organize users to maintain system security settings ranging from all encompassing user groups to individual user permissions.

Why Inservice?