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District Class Catalog (Event Management)
  • Create class catalogs easily
  • Categorize classes by requirement
  • Create new classes or develop from similar classes
  • Search Class Catalog by multiple criteria
  • Supports class sections and multiple sessions
  • Classes may need Approval Process before publishing
Class and Enrollment Administration
  • Certification tracking by PD classes, staff/teacher participation, PD levels and more
  • Flag no-cancel, no-show users
  • Manage users, school, and related district information
  • Manage user transcripts
  • Create and publish courses and course catalog
  • Post grades / credit / audit completion / clock hours / training hours
  • Print attendance sheets
  • Update, users’ completion status – grades, credit, hours, etc.
  • Copy course information from one to another
  • Print Scheduled Class and Wait-list / Alternate Roster
  • Attach documents to classes; limit access if needed
  • Attach prerequisites to courses, override them if necessary
  • Manually enroll, cancel, or override enrollments
  • Send emails to course participants
  • Report on courses for staff members / teachers
  • Report by school(s), teachers/staff, dates, instructor, classes, or entire district basis
  • Create training programs (groups of courses from which participants may choose)
  • Create custom reports as needed
Advanced Features
  • Workflow processing (including status, pending, and next action required)
  • Substitute requests
  • Comprehensive approval process
  • Cost tracking
  • Professional development tracking external to district
  • Advanced learning plans
  • Customized external credit requests and forms
  • District level and teacher level goals tracking
User Functions
  • Login using Active Directory authentication (LDAP)
  • Cancel class registration
  • Login authenticates from LDAP and creates user profiles automatically in the SD system
  • Waiting list option for full classes
  • User login outside the KSD network can also authenticate via LDAP
  • View personal class schedule
  • View class catalog – Multiple views
  • View registered and wait-listed classes
  • Register online for classes
  • Download class evaluation document
  • Class Registration Form and process can be customized to district preferences
  • View personal professional development class history/portfolio
  • Register for classes – includes checking and alerts if tyring to enroll in 2 classes at the same time
  • Track goals, certification requirement areas, and more through the enrollment process
Staff Functions
  • View course grades and transcript
  • Course certificates
  • Monitor certificate PD levels
Instructor Functions
  • View/print scheduled Class Rosters
  • View/print Wait-list and Alternate Rosters
  • View/print Attendance Sheets
  • Print name tents
  • View list/calendar of courses they are teaching
  • Send email to roster participants
  • Set up or modify class information if needed
  • Modify class session/location/dates/times if needed and email to candidates
Ext. User Functions
  • Enroll a new external user and automatically create a registration profile and email user ID and password to new user
  • View registered and wait-listed class schedules
  • View transcript / portfolio
  • Maintain professional development class history
User Alerts
  • Email notification about registrations, cancellations, and status changes
  • Class schedule for all registered courses
  • Email notification when course grade(s) are posted