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Simplifying the Process
  • Break down the process of event enrollment, form submission, and administrative approval into a simple step-by-step sequence.
  • Reduce paperwork with online tracking and approval.
  • Allow teachers to manage and track their own PD hours, credits, and goals.
Centralize Activity Management
  • Create professional development activity catalogs that allow you to send activity requests through the required approval processes.
  •  Track internal and external activities and registration.
  • Manage and allocate activities using district and building funds.
Track District Goals
  • Generate status reports to track teacher progress towards district goals and objectives, hours, and credits.
  • Get district PD goals and objectives pre-loaded into the system.
  •  Ensure that your teachers complete goals required by the state.
Fully Customizable:

The system can be customized on many levels to fit your district’s needs. Not only is it possible to enter district-specific goals and objectives and customize individual data such as information about users and events, but the system can also be customized on a broader scale.

  • Your district’s requirements for various types of certification can be integrated into the system so teachers’ progress is available for review.
  • Reports can be designed to show administrators any set of professional development facts they want to know about their staff.
  • The process for approving requests can be configured to fit your district’s needs, sending the requests to anyone who needs to approve them and sending e-mail updates to other stakeholders who may have interest in the progress of the request.
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What Teachers can do:
  • Set personal goals and objectives.
  • Browse professional development events.
  • Fill out and submit the paperwork relating to the events they want to enroll in.
  • Track their High Quality Professional Development (HQPD) certification credits.
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What Administrators can do:
  • Set district goals and objectives.
  • Manage events and event information.
  • Review requests for event enrollment or funding.
  • Plus all capabilities a teacher has.
An Ideal Solution:

Inservice combines full customizability with a big-picture view of the professional development process that takes all factors into account with a web-based interface that is immediately accessible to non-technical users.